Tuesday, 6 June 2017


4 large carrots,
4 full sticks celery
2 large onions
4 medium potatoes
4 litres water
2 packets chicken noodle soup
2 oxo chicken stock cubes

1 x shop bought barbecue chicken
salt and pepper to taste

grate or finely chop vegetables.  I use a grater attachment on my food processor.

place everything except the chicken and salt and pepper into a large pot and bring to the boil, covered.

reduce heat to simmer and cook, covered,  for about an hour or until all vegetables are soft.

remove the skin and break up the chicken.  add to the soup, heat through. add salt and pepper to taste and serve.

keep refrigerated. will thicken overnight.

NOTE: this is my basic recipe that my kids love. add other vegies or more or less water as desired.

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