Saturday, 27 September 2014


What a week.  First week of school holidays and I have 2 kids sprawled on couches, with buckets, bags full of snotty tissues and a whole heap of moaning.  I'm  armed with panadol and extra boxes of tissues.
I thought I was going to catch anything but I woke up yesterday morning (Saturday) feeling like I'd been hit by a bus.  Everything ached and my throat was on fire.  Luckily a couple of panadol fixed that, so I thought I was good to cook.  Long story short,  I was in bed so early last night because after tea I felt so ill that as soon as everyone left, I had a shower  and hit the hay.  So......

Hello Sunday.

Nice early start for a Sunday morning.  I actually feel worse today but I have the chunky one.  She arrived at 6.20 am after a night of no sleep.  But she's had a bottle and she's out like a light so I'm going to make the most of my time before the next lot arrives.

So first things first, earlier in the week I made an impossible pie with bacon and cheese.  These are a quiche without the pastry, but with a base that makes itself.  Takes about 10 minutes to prepare and about 45 minutes to cook.  Served with a salad or chips, it makes a nice meal for a warm night.  It's also excellent cold.

So back to Saturday, because I wasn't feeling great, I decided I was opening a few packets that would at least make the kids happy.  Hello Betty Crocker.  1 Packet of blondies, 1 packet of brownies and 1 packet of rainbow biscuits. I also only have the mini food critic with me today so a bit easier. As packets are quick and easy, the cooking was all over in an hour and a half.  I'm glad because I need to take it easy for a while.
Such a quiet house, the boys are still sprawled.  I wish I could sleep.

Miss Tash arrives with the chunky one (who has also been sick for the past week), she's obviously feeling better because she wants to destruct everything in sight.  We have a cuppa and a chat until the chunky one starts playing up, so home they go.

I take it easy for a bit longer and I'm just checking through ebay and gumtree (a local selling site) and I find a playpen that I want to attach to the one I already have. God knows, the little mountain climbers need to be imprisoned on the odd occassion. The man goes to get that, they have a pram there and miss Tash wants that, so she meets him there, and then a highchair come home as well. Totally set up now. It's big and takes up half my loungeroom, but they have room to move and play.  Good job. (now where am I going to keep the pram)

Miss Tash and the chunky one are staying now, So because it's still early, we take the little kids out side for a play until it's time to cook tea.
I'm making pasta because it's a bit easier to make.  So I made a quick bolognaise sauce and I'm going to make a chicken pesto sauce.  When I was at Aldi the other day, they had a ready to serve chicken pesto on the deli shelf.  Looked good so I bought it and we had it for tea that night.  It was yum.  But I reckon I could make it, so I bought what I thought was in it and I'll hope for the best.
So lightly cook the chicken, saute some sundried tomatoes, saute some garlic, wilt some spinach,  add some cream and basil pesto, pour over noodles.  Wow,  yummy.  I put 3 tablespoons of pesto in this, but it would be added to your own taste really.  Everyone loved it.  the bolognaise came in a sad second lol.

Now dessert, I had a lot of bananas on the way out, so I decided on a self saucing pudding.  Not a lot of work in this.  My puddings a bit on the large size so would need to be halved for a standard sized family.
I had never made this before, but it's going to become a favourite I think.  Totally yummy.

The kids were happy with their plate of goodies too, they cleared that in record time.  Thanks Betty.

As I said I'm ill, did My blog make any sense?   Hope so. Now the chunky one's awake.  I guess an hours sleep is better than nothing.  Gotta go.

see you later

this is my life lol

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