Saturday, 21 June 2014

Well another Saturday night done and dusted.

It was Lily's birthday tea tonight, so we had  a party tea with homemade sausage rolls,  pizza pinwheels, party pies, cocktail frankfurts and some tortellini carbonara for the adults.

For dessert tonight we had choc orange whoopie pies, caramel wafer slice again and of course a birthday cake. A pinata cake.

whoopie pies.

With much complaining, I left the man of the house babysitting while I set to in the kitchen decorating the birthday cake and making the whoopie pies.  I made the birthday cakes last night so they cooled properly.
This morning I just had to trim them down, cut the middle out of the bottom section, fill it with lollies, join them together and then decorate it.

I wanted to use fruit sticks for the cake but couldn't get them anywhere so I used sherbet sticks instead.
Didn't look like what I had pictured in my mind but the kids were happy.  sherbet everywhere lol.

So i cleaned up all the mess, made the kids some lunch and had a well deserved cup of coffee.  The man disappeared outside so I took over babysitting duty till he reappeared.  Took a while, think he was hiding.

Once he was back, It was time to start on the sausage rolls and pinwheels.  I don't know how I do it, but the mess is back again, only 3 times as bad. Of course everyone arrives and you can't even see the kitchen for the mess  hence my sign....

Anyway, I get everything cooked and on the table, (the mess can wait )  and of course it all tastes excellent lol.
The mini food critic was happy as per usual and she wasn't sharing with anybody.

Home time comes for everyone and after waving them all goodbye its time to go back into the disaster area.
The man got there before me and started the dishes.."thanks Hun" so i cleared tables, put food away left him to it and here I am.

Now I think it's time for a coffee, a few games on facebook and off to bed cos tomorrow's another day..babysitting, washing school uniforms, vacuuming floors cos there's sherbet and god knows what everywhere and blah blah etc.
I'll be cooking again next weekend.  See you then.

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