Saturday, 28 June 2014

Well, here I am again, all that arrived to eat have left, the kids are in bed,  even the man is in bed.  I'm all alone, its quiet...almost heaven.

Had a nice easy day today. No grandchildren to babysit (they come tomorrow this week), the man of the house is out, my kids are actually quietly watching t.v. and not trying to kill each other..there's not a lot of peace with two ten year olds.. just a leisurely morning, I even had time to play on the computer and actually drink my coffee while it was hot.

So I eventually started off my cooking today with a spiced sponge, some might call it a ginger fluff,  but if I called it that, certain people wouldn't eat it. Amazing the difference a name makes. This is my first attempt at making one of these.  I don't know why I haven't tried before because it was easy peasy. And really yummy.

Just in case that didn't turn out  (cos you don't know until you cut it after tea), I made some apple muffins that you dip the tops in butter and cinnamon sugar while they are still hot. Can't go wrong with anything cinnamon.

After they were made its like only 2.00 pm.  I almost don't know what to do with myself (ha ha)  more computer, more coffee. I am going to make the most of this time lol.

Playing games on  facebook  obviously makes time fly because all of a sudden its 4.00 pm, got to make tea. Because I wanted to continue my nice easy day,  I decided a nice easy main course was called for. So I made mexican potato pie. Nice and warm and spicy especially because the nights are freezing cold at the moment.  I also like to let the meat sit for a while so the flavour goes through it before I add the potato and put it in the oven.  It only needs 1/2 hour to cook.

So now its 5.00 pm, set the table, vacuum the floor so the 2 littlies don't eat the kids lunch that they dropped, nothing worse than crunchy, hard cheese  or something they stood in getting out of the chair.  Mind you the floor will look 3 times as bad once every one goes.

I'm almost pacing the floor now, just don't know what to do with my self  (good name for a song).
I know, I'll cook something else.  A chocolate self saucing pudding comes to mind.  I'm just starting to get the ingredients ready when daughter in law no. 2 arrives.  Make a cup of tea for her, play with the baby,
look at the time,  throw the potato pie together and put it in the oven. Talk, talk, chase the baby, everyone else arrives, more talk, talk, more chase 2 babies, take the potato pie out of the oven, quickly make the pudding, throw it in the oven, take a breath, dish up tea.

We all sit down, as usual, eat everything in sight, and fall into our usual food coma though a coffee wakes you up a bit. Might even fit in another bit of cake.
Son  (partner of daughter in law no. 2) arrives home from work, just as others are leaving, hello to 1 and bye to 5  and he goes straight to dessert, He loves chocolate pudding.

He eats, but he has to shovel fast because baby is tired and grizzly and needs to go home to bed.
Bye bye.
Clear the table, put leftovers away. look at the mess in the kitchen, make coffee and turn the light off. Won't hurt to leave it till the morning, will it? I will ponder that question while I drink my coffee.

I've pondered, I've drank my coffee, I went back to the kitchen  to turn the tap on to fill the sink, turned the kettle on instead, by mistake of course.  Made another coffee and turned the light off again.  My bad.

And well here I am again .. .

oh I almost forgot the mini food critic

with her muffin.

Nite all.. see you next week.

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