Saturday, 7 June 2014

Well another Saturday night has come and gone.  It's 1.13 Sunday morning, and I'm sitting here wide awake, with my nose running like a tap and someone pounding my head with a hammer.  Other than that , all is good with the world.

For tea tonight we had chicken parmigiana with mashed potatoes and honey glazed carrots.  Followed by cream horns, coca cola cupcakes,  apricot danish and banana nutella danish.(the recipe for these is here but in a smaller version)

As usual everyone vacuums down main course so as to get to dessert quicker.
Looking at the table, I feel quite piggy.....where to start ?

The cupcakes look awesome even if i do say so myself lol.. I'm not real good with a piping bag yet, so took me a while but I'm happy with the result.

And the mini food critic was pretty happy as well.....

But I have more than one critic tonight,  he who's sitting there with the plate of cream horns in front of him, shovelling them down  at the speed of light, says " these aren't as good as the matches ". I'm just staring at him.  "I mean they're fine, but the matches are awesome. (the recipe is in here) You know it's the cream and jam to pastry ratio".

So I put chocolate icing on some with just cream in the middle.  they taste a bit like a chocolate eclair. yummy.

Then he he had to have a say about the apricot danish.  "Don't think this goes with that and I think I'd rather have them hot.. but his wife and the man of the house like them so I guess you can't please everyone.  I think they're alright.  Nice to make something different for a change.  Gets hard coming up with different meals week after week,, slaving over a hot stove,  washing dishes,  blah blah blah blah blah blah.  Whinge over lol.

Well now it's 1.54 am, I'm babysitting in 7 hours, so I'm going to go have another coffee cos like thats going to keep me awake and then go to bed.

And last but not least the man of the house sent me a nice little quote....

so true lol.

see you for another instalment next week.

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