Saturday, 17 January 2015

Hello again Saturday. Another week over. Already Christmas is sooo over and done with and the school holidays are almost done too.

Anyways its the man of the house' birthday and he requested a coffee and walnut cake,which at some stage of the day, I'm making. My day is basically same old, same old.  Got the grandkids, the mornings quite cool, they're all inside noisy and messy and I really can't be bothered doing anything. So I'm taking the morning easy, and working the afternoon. Sounded good and actually worked.
After the kids had lunch I wandered into the kitchen to make the coffee and walnut cake.  The man had gone out so I got it made while he wasn't around.

I used a nice basic cake recipe for this.   Flour, sugar, eggs, oil, milk,  some coffee and a bit of water to mix the coffee in. Everything into one bowl and beat with an electric mixer.  Stir in some walnuts and pour into a tin of choice. I used a bundt tin.  Once it was cooked and cooled I iced it with some coffee icing, sprinkled some more walnuts and finished.

The man arrived back in time to have some with a coffee.

We are having chicken enchiladas for tea. Something I've never made before (which will become apparent later)
I started off by bringing a jar of salsa to the boil in a frypan, adding chicken fillets to the pan and simmering, covered, for an hour. This will hopefully ensure the chicken shreds easily and it has a good flavour. (the pic shows it nearly done, with the juices from the chicken making it more watery)

Once the chicken was cooled it did shred easy and had a nice subtle flavour. I added some shredded colby cheese to the chicken and as I was opening my next jar of salsa..omg  salsa...was supposed to be enchilada sauce.  Oh well too late now.  So I blitzed 2 jars of salsa (I used 5 all up) and stirred that through the chicken and cheese.  I then lined up my tortillas on the bench and spooned mix down the centre of each one, and rolled them   I didn't blitz the last 2 jars. I thought the chunks would give the enchiladas a nice texture.
I spread a bit of salsa around the bottom of a large baking pan and placed the tortillas in seam down.  Cover with the rest of the salsa, sprinkle with some cheese and cook till the cheese is melted and golden brown.
When they were cooked, I spooned on some sour cream and sprinkled the top with diced green capsicum and chopped tomato. I made a quick green salad to go with them.

Everyone arrives for tea,  I don't tell them about my mistake, but as soon as number one son took a bite, he new it wasn't enchilada sauce.  But  "Mum they're not the same but they taste really good anyway."  So not quite enchiladas, but the rest of us didn't know because we haven't had enchiladas before.  I thought they were really good and very filling. Next time I'll remember to get the right sauce and see what I'm missing out on. But there again I really liked these, so maybe not.

We let the enchiladas digest for a while before I bought out the birthday cake.  We use any excuse to go the cheesecake shop to get a strawberry fields cake and today was no exception.  We girls love this cake.   Vanilla sponge, a bit of strawberry jam, strawberry cream, strawberries and chocolate. The men apparently like it too, because there was none left.

The man ate some more of his coffee and walnut cake.  It was apparently good, I wouldn't know. Don't like coffee flavoured things. As far as I'm concerned, you drink coffee. That's it.

So the nights done as well, everyone's gone home, the kids are in bed, it's nice and quiet and somehow it's 11.55 pm and almost bed time.
So that's it for me, until next week.

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