Sunday, 25 January 2015

So welcome Sunday.

Saturday, same old same old.  Kids, noise, barbecue tea.

Dessert, well I'm still on my ice cream run. Hot weather and ice cream. yum.

I made cookies and cream ice cream,  following the same basic recipe of cream and condensed milk. I added some crushed oreo cream cookies and stuck it in the freezer.  I figure it should freeze enough by tea time.
I also made a coca cola  cake to have with it.  Chocolate cake, ice cream and chocolate topping. Tastes pretty good.

When I was rifling through my fridge I discovered I had 4 x  600 ml bottles of thickened cream that needed to be used. So I figure I should make more ice cream.  I want something different, so I raid my cupboards and come out with a large can of peaches and 2 small cans of passionfruit pulp and a large can of pie apples.
Peach and passionfruit ice cream and apple and cinnamon ice cream.  Sounds good in theory.  Let's put it into practice and see what happens.

So I drain the syrup off the peaches and puree the fruit.  I strain the seeds out of the passionfruit and add the rest of the pulp to the peaches. Beat the cream and the condensed milk, beat in the peach and passionfruit, pour into a container and freeze. This is not going to be ready tonight.

Same with the apple and cinnamon. I beat the cream, condensed milk and some sugar, added 2 cups pureed apple, a couple of tablespoons of cinnamon and poured that into a container and froze. This will not be ready either.

So we had our barbecue tea and I grab the cookies and cream ice cream out of the freezer. Perfectly frozen.
So some had with cake and some had with topping.  Very yummy.

The rest has to wait till tomorrow.

So Sunday.

Kids, noise, mess, what's new. Let's cook.

I had a cup of pureed apple left over so I decided to make some spiced apple cookies.
I used my basic cookie recipe of butter, sugar, condensed milk and self raising flour and added the pureed apple, a couple of spoons of cinnamon and 1/2 cup more flour to compensate for the moisture from the apple. Roll walnut sized balls into cinnamon sugar and cook. Hopefully they will turn out, my recipes are usually hit or miss.  This one hit. They turned out great.

Grandkids leave, we have leftovers for tea and it's time to try the icecream.  Wow. I don't know which one I like better. They are both excellent even if I do say so myself, I think the peach and passionfruit just tipped the scales though..

So I'm a happy girl, because every thing turned out well and the kids are happy because they got ice cream two nights running.

That's me for the week. Happy Australia day for tomorrow.

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