Saturday, 11 October 2014

Hello to another Saturday.  What a beautiful day.  Lovely and sunny and quite warm. Too nice to be inside.

I only have one extra today, so I was taking it easy (very easy) and pondering meals and desserts while drinking coffee and I might have been playing games on facebook.  No hurry.  Just got the mini food critic into bed when Miss Tash and the Chunky one arrived.  Chunky doesn't like playing on her own so she immediately got Mini foodie up and that was the end of that.  Outside we went, cup of tea in hand and kids going every where.
I don't have much of a backyard so all the kid stuff is out the front,  we look like a day care centre.  Oh well.

So the kids ran amok, trampoline, slide, swing, car, cubby house, back and forward. Up the slide, down the slide. The slide involves running to catch Chunky before she falls.  Worn out before you know what's hit you.
They had a great time though.  Made them lunch which they ate out side, they played a bit more, then Miss Tash took Chunky home to bed and I got mini off to sleep as well.  Time to cook.

My number 5 son had sent me a recipe for biscuits, so I decided to give it a go.  It's a basic recipe with 4 ingredients to which you add anything you like.  It makes a lot so you can use it all or use some and freeze the rest,
I made some jam biscuits and then some cinnamon biscuits.

Then I thought I should tweak it a little and made some tart like biscuits with lemon curd in some and nutella in others. I call them lemon surprise and chocolate surprise. I topped them off with some icing.  They look good enough to eat, so I tried one to make sure, as you do.  Well worth the bit of mucking around.

We are just having chicken parma with mashed potatoes and vegetables for tea.  Nice and easy.Number 1 and number 5 son aren't here so I only have to please hubby and Miss Tash and Lizzy Lou.   Thee kids aren't too hard to please either. So for dessert we are having more chocolate orange flavoured cake. I can turn that into a pudding, right?
I get all the ingredients ready, it has to go into the oven once tea is served up.  It will take about 45 minutes to cook.  We eat tea and I head back to the kitchen to make a chocolate sauce.  Hot orange cake with chocolate sauce.  Sounds good,  hope it works.
The moment of truth......

Yumm.  Tastes great, everyone likes it, even the babies are woofing it down.  Job well done even if I do say so myself.
We even manage to eat a bit of everything else. I'll diet next week lol.
So Chunky's grumpy, Miss Tash takes her home. Lizzy Lou and her kids follow.  All that's left is the clean up.
I'm still looking at it.  I need a housekeeper to run after me. I really hate cleaning. But it won't do itself so it's goodbye from me and hello to the kitchen sink.


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