Saturday, 6 December 2014

Hello and almost goodbye, again Saturday.  I'm sitting here at 10.30 pm, listening to the wind howling around outside and wondering whether my internet will stay connected long enough to finish here.

It's been a really quiet day here. Lizzy Lou and family had a wedding to go to today so no extra kids. I actually got to go shopping with miss Tash,  number five and the chunky one. A bit of Chrissy shopping, a bit of food shopping and a bit of a wander around.

The only thing I cooked today was a chicken stir fry for tea, which we will get back too.  I did all the rest of my cooking last night because I made ice cream.  Number five had sent me some recipes which of course I deviated from.
If I had known it was so easy, I would have been making this for years. So I took the basic recipe which was condensed milk, thickened cream, and milk coffee biscuits and added orange zest,  food colourings and choc bits. You just line a swiss roll tray with the biscuits, beat the cream and the condensed milk, add in the zest, colouring and choc bits,cover with more biscuits and freeze.  When it was frozen i just blobbed on some chocolate ice magic topping. That's the stuff that you have to microwave to melt, then pour over ice cream and it goes hard.  We now have Orange choc chip ice cream sandwich. Hopefully it works.

The other recipe was similar but you whipped the cream then added the condensed milk and stirred in crushed honeycomb. That gets poured over malt biscuits, sprinkle a bit more honeycomb and freeze. Honeycomb freezer slice.

I had seen a recipe ages ago on facebook for a chocolate eclair cake made with graham crackers and instant pudding mix. Being in Australia, I have never seen graham crackers (apparently pronounced gram according to my son who lives in Seattle) and because they are in so many American recipes, I was really curious to know what they tasted like.  When I was out shopping on Friday, I was looking at one of the pop up shops at the Plaza  and lo and behold, there was a packet of graham crackers The price was $7.00, but oh well at least I'll know what they are.
So I make my chocolate eclair cake which  is instant pudding mixed with milk and whipped cream and layered between the crackers. Top that with chocolate icing and refrigerate over night,  It looked really good and quite frankly, I was excited.
So that was Friday night.
Now, back to Saturday.
8.30 am. arrives and so does a message from number five informing me that he and the family are arriving shortly for breakfast "I have no butter" says he.  "Go to the shops" says me. But no, apparently he would rather drive 10 minutes to my place (the shop is just down the road from him) and have me make it. So cuppas and toast all round.  That drifted into the shopping trip, then back home. Time to try my eclair cake.  I cut it, it's really soft, I taste it and...YUK. I don't like the taste of the graham crackers at all, I guess the Americans grow up with them, a bit like us with vegemite.  The kid's will eat it, hopefully.  What a waste of $15.00 odd dollars. Looks good tho.

 Anyway after number five and family left, I put up some Christmas decorations. I especially like my hiding santa in the box.
That took a few hours of picking and sorting but finally got finished just before miss Tash and chunky one arrived back.  Number five had to work.

Miss Tash arrived with a box containing a baby trampoline which she proceeded to put together (with a bit of help from Chunky)

 in the hopes of keeping the chunky one entertained for a while. That certainly worked.

While they played I got to work on the chicken and cabbage stir fry. Nice and easy. Chop up chicken, cabbage, onion and red capsicum, cook that in a wok with some garlic, pour in water mixed with ginger, soy sauce, chicken stock cube and cornflour and thicken and serve.  We had some mashed potato with that.

We have our ice cream for dessert.  Wow the orange choc chip is divine. Everyone is loving it.  I think I'm pretty clever lol.

The honeycomb one is pretty good too, tho I can't lay claim to that recipe.
Tash and the chunky one go home and my nights pretty much done.  Clean up and then a cuppa while I'm still listening to the wind and staring at my Christmas lights.

So I wish you all good night and leave you with a pic of my Christmas pussy.....

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