Saturday, 13 December 2014

Well, it's Saturday once more. Another week gone and another week closer to Christmas.

Another easy day for me. Only my kids, a barbecue tea, and only dessert to really think about.

After a leisurely cup of coffee, I wandered up to the kitchen to start. Of course I had found a recipe through the week and of course I changed it. But, Banana cream cheese cake pie, here we come. This consists of a chocolate ripple biscuit base, cream cheese, condensed milk, vanilla instant pudding  whipped cream and banana filling then more whipped cream, bananas and toasted coconut on top. Made in a springform tin. You need a few different dishes to use but overall quite an easy dessert. The biscuits are  crushed, mixed with melted butter and pressed into the tin then  placed in the fridge. You then beat softened cream cheese till smooth, quickly mix the instant pudding with some milk, tip the instant pudding and the condensed milk into the cream cheese and beat till smooth. Fold in some whipped cream, the place bananas and the filling mix into the base, cover with whipped cream and place in fridge till ready to serve. When ready you add more banana and some toasted coconut. Looks really good. Hope it tastes yum.
Miss Tash doesn't like custard type desserts so I pressed some chocolate ripple biscuits into the 1/2 round patty tins and I'll put some nutella, banana and cream in them when we are ready to have dessert.

I don't even know where the rest of my day went, miss Tash, number five and the chunky one arrived for a while, so we chatted and drank frozen coke they bought with them and they left. It's 32 c in the shade outside so not terribly motivated to do anything much at all today.

I prepared all the bits for the barbecue, toasted the coconut under the griller and cleaned up. I then just waited for everyone to arrive, sitting in the breeze from the air conditioner.

The man of the house was out for the day so number one and number five are the chefs tonight. I must say they did a good job on the barbie.
We eat, clear the table and I head back to the kitchen to put the finishing touches on the banana cream cheese cake pie and the nutella tarty things.
I slice up some bananas, spoon some nutella into the biscuits add some banana  then whipped cream and top with chocolate sprinkles. That's miss Tash's dessert done.

I slice more banana and cover the top of the banana cream cheese cake pie, sprinkle that with toasted coconut and that's done too.

Now for the moment of truth, I carefully slice the pie and send it out to number one son for the taste test.
Success. He tells me it's the best dessert I've made in ages..thanks for that..I think.

We all try it, except miss Tash of course, It is totally excellent. Not quite cheese cake but definitely not custard, but oh so yummmmmm. The chocolate biscuits give it just that subtle chocolate taste and colour that it needs.
The nutella banana tarts are really good too. Especially for something that takes five minutes to throw together.  You could even by pass the pressing of the biscuits and just place everything on to the biscuit straight out of the pack. Not as pretty but same taste.

So thats my day and night yet again, Somehow it's 12.23 am and I reckon it's bed time.

Number five and family were here for tea on Thursday night as well, so I made a quick pasta with penne, chicken, tomato pesto, cream, garlic and spinach. It should have had some sun dried tomatoes in it as well but I forgot to buy them. Didn't really need them,would have given it a bit more colour I think, but add them if you have them. Tasty.

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