Saturday, 20 December 2014

Saturday. Thank God you are over.  I am so tired, sitting here yawning my head off.  Too early a start to my day, couldn't sleep so up early.

 All things considered, I had a pretty easy day. Had the grandkids but they were good, had decided on a stir fry for tea so I didn't have to panic about that and number one son and the man were out so I didn't have to feed them. So I played with the kids, tidied up the yard, fed them some lunch and had the urge to make icecream.  The man went down the shop for me to get some toblerone chocolate while I got the bits and pieces together, basically cream and condensed milk. So I've tried to blitz,  cut, pounded and blitzed (again) the toblerone, apparently it was a bit too hard for the machine but the pounding did it. Then whipped and stirred and plonked in the freezer.  That's a leave and forget for the time being.

Last week I had frozen some pumpkin biscuit dough, which I thawed out today and cooked up. The last four dozen disappeared very quickly. The kids love them.

Anyway the rest of my arvo disappeared at a fast rate of knots and it was suddenly tea time.  We are having chicken and mushrooms in a white wine sauce.

Dunk the chicken in some seasoned flour, cook,  remove from pan, cook some mushrooms and garlic in same pan, add some white wine and stock, bit of thickening, add the chicken back, add some noodles and parmesan cheese and dinners served.

While we were eating,  miss Tash casually announced that I hadn't made dessert, number five almost fell off his chair.  Its ok, I'm making scones" says I.  "You're lucky" says he as he sits himself back down.   They all really only come for dessert.  So off to the kitchen to make the scones. My way. Flour, sugar, salt, butter, milk and egg. Most cooks would say no egg, but I like them with, turn out nice and light. Just don't over work the dough or they go tough and don't what ever you do, cut them with a glass, like my mum used to, (the old vegemite glass was used for that), sucks the air right out of the dough.. Cook in a hot oven and eat them hot with jam and cream, or nutella if you're miss Tash.

While they were eating I went to check on the icecream. Unfortunately it wasn't frozen yet, so the rest of that story will be here next time.

Must be the night for tired, all the kids are grumpy and crying at the drop of a hat, so by 9.15 everyone's gone home and I'm just left with the mess,

So short and sweet tonight, beds calling and tomorrow's another day of grandkids. Then of course it's almost Christmas and I have a heap of cooking for that. Even though we all go to my mums place, I get to take a pineapple boiled fruit cake (that's a given, every year) and what ever else I decide to make. Probably tim tam balls and mint slice balls and maybe some cupcakes, depends on my time frame. Then I have to do it all over again for a second Christmas lunch at Lizzy Lou's place next Saturday for the other side of the family.

So to each and all of You, Merry Christmas. Hope you have as much fun with your family as I will with mine.

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