Saturday, 8 November 2014

Hay fever season is well and truly here. Coming to you tonight with itchy eyes, sneezy and wheezy.

What a week, again.  Sick kids..never stops.  The chunky one ended up in hospital for the night, last night, because she was dehydrated. Had to have a tube down her throat and big bandages around her hands so she wouldn't pull the tube out.  Luckily she got out this morning almost her old self.

It was 34 c degrees here today, hot and windy, so the kids couldn't get out side to play.  So it was a bit noisy inside, I  played in the kitchen for a while. There had been a recipe posted on face book for 2 minute chocolate fudge made in the microwave which I had tried earlier in the week.  It looked nothing like the picture and tasted really bad. The recipe said cocoa but I think  my 100% cocoa was too strong. I wanted to try again but this time using Cadbury drinking chocolate. It turned out a lot better, and the kids (big and small) loved it.
original pic. off facebook

For starters, I used the wrong size tin here, but the 100% cocoa made it way too dark and too strong a taste.

with the drinking choc.

I also decided to make an apple slice that I hadn't made for a while. It uses a packet cake mix, coconut, cinnamon,  butter, apple and sour cream.  Pretty yummy.

while I was hunting that recipe down, I also found a recipe for a no bake cheesecake, which I haven't made before and I had all the ingredients on hand, so made that too.   Biscuits, butter, cream cheese, condensed milk, whipped cream and lemon and lime juice.

Because I started cooking early, I got it all done before the house got too hot. We barbecued for tea so easy all round.

During the week I mad some muffins because I needed to use oranges before they went off.  If you haven't already noticed, we're big on citrus flavours here Love the tang.  So orange, coconut and sour cream muffins.

It was also our wedding  anniversary this week.  27 years. Same day as the chunky one was sick so we spent the late afternoon and  early evening waiting at the hospital with the chunky one and Miss Tash.
 But I did get a present off the man. Gorgeous ring (picked it myself)  buckle style, with filigree band and diamonds and a box of chocolates and a really nice card.  Brought a tear to my eye.  I bought him a nice silver cuff bracelet.

and he wrote me a poem
(also known as "the ramblings of a sleep deprived goofball")
Twenty seven years of marriage,
You only get twelve for murder.
When I told that to my wife,
My gawd, you should have heard 'er!
Not sure how she's put up with me,
What is going on in her head?
I got nothing! all that's left to think,
I must be bloody good in bed 
Now that she's stopped laughing,
Her aching sides have eased their pain,
She softly whispers in my ear,
"I am mentally insane!"
If you want to know our secret,
How we've made our marriage last,
With love and lots of give and take
It'll make the years fly past.
We surround ourselves with children,
Ahhh the fun, the tears, the drama,
Then we are blessed with grandkids,
Our sons have learned,"just what is Karma"
So Happy Anniversary darling,
Another chapter in life's tale,
From your chubby, grumpy husband,
And hopefully, your favourite male.!
and of course I had to answer it

because you're bloody good in bed?
I did laugh until I ached.
I only keep you around with me....

because you clean up when I bake. xx

And on that note..I'm taking my itchy eyes off to bed

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