Saturday, 15 November 2014

What an exciting day. My number 2 son arrived home from America for a visit. Saturday night just got bigger lol.

I was expecting him to arrive here at about 10.30 am so thought I better make something to eat with a cuppa. I fossicked through the freezer and found a bag of pumpkin, spice and everything nice biscuit mix that I had frozen from the last batch I had made.  That was a quick way to cook.  Roll some dough into balls, roll the balls in cinnamon sugar,  flatten and cook.  (used  picture from before)

 Then I cleaned the house and waited for him to arrive. And waited.  And waited. Find out he's still in customs (now 11.30) and figure I better get cooking so I have something for dessert tonight. I was going to make orange and poppy seed muffins and was getting all the ingredients ready and couldn't find the poppy seeds anywhere.  Destructed the cupboard looking for them, then added them to my shopping list for next time.While I was destructing I came across my jar of horlicks malted milk powder which made me start thinking about how much I liked chocolate malted milkshakes and hence double chocolate malted milkshake muffins came about. I just threw all the ingredients into a bowl and mixed them all together with the electric mixer.  Fingers crossed they taste good.  The recipe made 15 large muffins. Was that enough?  Maybe not.  I want to make more muffins because I also found a packet of glace cherries in the cupboard.  Hmmm. Cherry ripe muffins.  Made with real ingredients, not a cherry ripe bar.
So I started out much the same way as the other muffins, but I added coconut and the cherries and an extra egg for good luck.  Got 20 out of this lot.  Fingers crossed again.

Miss Tash and the chunky one arrived just as I was icing the muffins. She got to be the taste tester.  Thumbs up for both.

Number 2 son finally arrives with Lizzy Lou and the kids (no baby sitting today).  By now it's 2.00 pm. We finally have that cuppa.  (picture is Number 2, Miss Tash, the chunky one and Mia Pia)

And talk and talk and suddenly it's 4.30 and I better think about tea. We are having porcupine meatballs, satay chicken, mashed potato, carrots and beans. The meatballs are easy. Minced beef, french onion soup mix, rice all mixed together and cooked in tomato soup.

The satay is easy too. Chicken breasts, coconut cream, sweet chilli sauce, 2 chicken stock cubes and peanut butter.  (both recipes are further back on my pages).

To finish off I'm going to make golden syrup dumpling so I got all the ingredients prepared before we ate so that I only had to cook them later on.  (old photo because I forgot to take one in all the excitement)

So we ate and chatted and listened to music and sang a bit and the kids danced a bit and number 2 was falling asleep in his chair, so everyone went home.  So that's my day come and gone.  

Last but not least for the men out there.....

nighty nite.

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