Saturday, 1 November 2014

Well, that's another week just about done and dusted.

I've had really bad hay fever all week, living on pills.  Saturday night comes and we have an engagement party to go to, it's out side, they have a roaring fire going with smoke everywhere, it's in my eyes and up my nose, I can't take any more pills, so home we go. What a way to fill in 2 hours lol.
So anyway my Saturday post becomes Sunday again.

Because we are going out, I wasn't cooking anything this weekend, but Lizzy Lou and miss Tash and the kids decide they should come here for pizza and sit with my kids for a while.  I thought I should cook something, but what?

My day started with baby sitting as usual.  Lizzy Lou's kids arrive with bags of lollies from halloween.  I get handed a cadbury picnic bar. Haven't had one for ages. As I'm chewing, I think "I could make something like this".   I have a quick look at what's in them and go poking through my cupboards, and I have everything but wafer biscuits.  Off to the shop goes the man of the house.

So, chocolate, wafer biscuits, caramel, rice bubbles and peanuts.  Quite simple really.  Melt chocolate, press biscuits, melt caramel, press rice bubbles and peanuts, melt more chocolate.  Fridge, done.

So the rest of my day was spent with fighting, bored kids. The weather is so bad they are stuck inside. Cold, raining and blowing a gale.
Lizzy Lou finished work early and took the kids home for a while so I could wash my hair and have a break for an hour.  She and miss Tash arrive back at 5.00 so we have a chat for a while before I have to go finish getting ready.  They order pizza, we leave.  They eat pizza, we come home., we eat leftover pizza. I make cuppas,  we eat picnic slice, everyone leaves and Saturday is done.

Last week I made the vegemite and cheese biscuits, I added the recipe this week.

These are good with a cuppa.  The kids loved them. Not quite sweet, not quite savoury.

I had quite a lot of pumpkin in my house for some reason.  So I thought I'd use some up and make some cookies.  Pumpkin, spice and everything nice cookies.  Wow, couldn't stop eating them. really good.

Really can't tell there's pumpkin in them. They have a few different spices in them and then they are rolled in cinnamon sugar.

That's me for another week. I'll leave you with a pic of the chunky one, who loves chocolate.

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