Saturday, 22 November 2014

Well another week of my life over. Been a busy one yet again,  babysitting, swimming lessons and  going out for coffee with number two son and other family members..he likes Gloria Jeans coffee, so we have to suffer through it. Apparently can't get it in Seattle where he lives.

Anyway had tea at number ones place on Thursday night.  He made Thai  fish curry and I made dessert. Because number two hasn't had crack roll I made them, and because he likes lemon things I made lemon tarts. If you don't know what crack rolls are (the recipe is back aways on a page), they are slices of bread with the crusts removed, flattened with a rolling pin, spread with cream cheese mixed with icing sugar, dipped in melted butter, rolled in cinnamon sugar and cooked in the oven.

Number one likes to dunk them in custard. Try stopping at one which ever way you eat them

The tarts are butternut snap biscuits that have been heated and shaped in a pattycake tin, filled with lemon curd and topped with a cream cheese, butter and lemon curd frosting.

Saturday, more babysitting, more cooking, more noise, more people, more mess and that's before lunch.
I had seen a recipe on facebook for tim tam balls.  Of course I changed it a bit so it worked for me and the ingredients I had.  Tim tam balls... dark chocolate and red velvet.  Some of the easiest things I have made in ages.  Blitz the tim tams, mix in some condensed milk, roll into balls, roll in coconut and " voila"

Really scrumptious.  I could have eaten the lot, but I was good and saved some for the rest of the family.

I had also seen as recipe on facebook for a nutella cheesecake.  It was made with graham crackers which we don't have here  and  the recipe said 13 ozs nutella which is 368 grams and 450 grams of cream cheese and 1/2 cup icing sugar and crushed hazelnuts.
I used a packet of chocolate ripple biscuits,  a 400 gram jar of nutella, 500 grams of cream cheese and 2/3 cup icing sugar. Why waste the little bit of each that was going to be left.  This is really easy to make too.  Blitz the biscuits, mix in some crushed hazelnuts and melted butter, line a springform tin with the biscuits, mix the cream cheese and icing sugar together, add the nutella, done. So that's in the fridge to set. I'll decorate that later.

The rest of my day was spent running after kids and cleaning up as usual. Number five and miss Tash arrived with the chunky one, so we had coffee while the kids played outside. Miss Tash went shopping, the chunky one got tired and grumpy so when miss Tash arrived back they went home for a while so chunky could have a sleep.
I prepared potatoes and carrots ready for tea. The kitchen at this stage is still tidy,  Won't last.
We are having chicken parmagiana, mashed potatoes and honey carrots for main.
Once everyone arrived I cooked the chicken schnitzel,covered it with  dolmio's " extra garlic" sauce and grated tasty cheese and popped it under the griller. I reckon this sauce is as good a topping as any you could make and obviously much quicker lol.While that's going golden brown, I mashed the spuds, buttered and honeyed the carrots, plated it all and ate.

Time to unveil the cheesecake.  I piped it with whipped cream, plonked on some strawberries and bananas and served it up.  Wow for something so easy it sure is yummy.

The chunky ones still grumpy and won't settle so number five and miss Tash take  her home. Lizzy Lou and I continue eating. You have to have something with your coffee.
Lizzy leaves with the kids and the nights done, except for the cleaning up. I get that done.  Rest for a while. And here I am. It's now 1.28 am and I'm going to bed.

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