Saturday, 12 July 2014

Another Saturday night, another birthday,

I was all organised, I made sausage rolls, vanilla slice  and the 2 chocolate cakes for the birthday cake last night.. Babysitting again today, so I wanted to be able to take it easy a bit, relax, you know just amble along in the kitchen. No pressure.

Well,  ha de ha ha.  As usual didn't happen.

Started off reasonably well.  Ice the cakes.  The bottom just chocolate ganache and some sports ball decorations. The top, which is a half cupcake shape,  butter icing, 2 colours and more balls. All good.
What do we call the cake?  I don't know but the kid likes it.  So done.

Because I don't have enough there ever such a thing as enough?....I decide cupcakes for the kids and a spiced sponge for the adults is the go.

Make the sponges first. Made them a couple of weeks ago, not a problem.  This time one sinks a bit in the middle.. I'll just let them cool and worry about them later.

Cupcake time.  Vanilla cupcakes and I'm going to put lolly decorations on them.  I used the same recipe as I used for the malteser cupcakes minus the maltesers of course. The recipe is on here somewhere. These are reasonable quick to make and taste really yummy.And an added  bonus, I had made double the icing for the birthday cake and there's some leftover, so I'm using that.  Cool.

Lots of noise happening at the baby gate.  With a quick glance at the clock, I realise that lunchtime is nearly past.  Whoops.  Push a bit of the mess to the side and whip up a couple of vegemite sandwiches for the 2 littlies.  Making myself a cuppa,  I head off to the dining room for 5 mins while the bigger kids make their own lunches, threatening them with death if they knock anything over. (it's truly messy in there now). But seriously,  you only need a  6 inch square of bench space to make a sandwich, right?

Happy kids, coffees gone,  mess is still there, oh well, can't have everything.

Back to cup cakes,  whack some icing on them, cut up some lollies and " Voila"

Owl and turtle cupcakes.

I turn my attention back to the sponges.   I whip some cream, make more ganache and cut both sponges in half. Cream and icing hide a lot of faults.  So does the bin lol.  I throw out the sunken top and sandwich the rest together.  Looks great.  problem solved.

The man, who's been hiding outside all day, comes in looking for food.. "What was that pastry thing you were making yesterday?"  Oh I forgot about that.  Grab the vanilla slice out of the fridge and cut it into pieces.  He still doesn't know what it is.  Have to get him to help me lift it out of the tin.  Now he knows what it is, I can see the drool running out of his mouth lol.  Vanilla slice is one of his favourites.  Turned out pretty good too even if I do say so myself.

While he's inside, I rope him into vacuuming  the floor. That way I can make a quick pasta to go with our party tea of sausage rolls, store bought party pies (I was too lazy) and cocktail frankfurts.  Jesse's choice.

 It's 5.30 pm, alls done, ( not really), but the kitchen looks a tad better but I'm still in my dressing gown and ugg boots.  What a sight but easy to cook in.  One thing, wear, dirty and wash.

Clean me up, set table, everyone arrives, eat the party fare and sing happy birthday.
 Dessert is served.

Earlier in the week I had a brainwave (which doesn't happen too often) and a new creation was made.....
Chocolate truffle cheesecake slice.  Combine a chocolate ball mix, cheesecake, ganache and chocolate curls. Totally decadent. So I served it too.

I will never be thin.. But there again neither will the rest of them.  If you could see the table,  cupcakes, vanilla slice, cheesecake slice, birthday cake, sponge and the left over lollies as well. Thankfully, we are not that bad.  A lot left, which is good because the kids go back to school this coming week and they will need food for recess.

So here I sit, every ones gone home and for a change the mini food critic got bypassed and my eldest had the last word.  He took the birthday cake, altered it a bit and said."there now it looks like something"

I liked my way better.

next week.......

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