Saturday, 12 July 2014


24 iced cupcakes 
1 pkt fruit rings
1 pkt spearmint leaves
1 pkt party mix (you need the red and green berries and licorice allsort)
choc bits


1 red fruit ring (shell)
1 red berry (shell)
1 green berry (head)
1 spearmint leaf (flippers)

I also used an icing pen to dot on eyes.

stand the spearmint leaf on its side and cut it in half.

then place it flat on a bench and cut it in half lengthwise. so you now have 4 flippers.

position green head then place red berry on red fruit ring (use a bit of icing to glue them together) for shell, and place next to head.

Place flippers around shell. use picture as a guide.


2 fruit rings (eyes)
2 choc bits (eyes)
1 spearmint leaf (eyebrows)
1 licorice allsort (beak)

cut spearmint leaf same as turtle, so you get 2 cakes out of 1 spearmint leaf.

place 2 rings on cake. place choc bit in centre of each.

place eyebrows.

cut licorice allsort apart, using the corner of a piece of the licorice as a beak.

use picture as a guide.

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