Saturday, 26 July 2014


24 cupcakes

large fairy wings
tulle skirt
toy tiara
large board (big enough for 24 cakes)
aluminium foil
pins (with pearl ends)
sticky tape
coloured cachous

cover board with aluminium foil, sticking down where needed.

predesign your cake to make sure it fits board . Take a photo so you remember.

try skirt on cakes for size

using star design and piping bag, ice cakes flat.

place fairy wings on board and stick down with tape.

following your design, place cakes on top of fairy wings.

place ribbon on  skirt using pins on inside of band.

place skirt on cakes using one pin in centre of ribbon and one on each side.

fill in gaps on bodice of cake with more piped icing. decorate with cachous.

add tiara and wand.

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