Saturday, 19 July 2014

Well, here I am again, another week gone.

It was my mothers 80th  birthday ( that's her with my niece. Not looking too bad for an old girl hey ) today and all the family went out to lunch at a restaurant in Millpark/Epping. A long afternoon.  They finally did the cake and I could leave, because I still have to go home and cook dessert for tea. After all, it's Saturday night and they all still come for tea.

So we arrive home about 5.00 pm, the man makes a coffee, the kids hit the wii and I hit the kitchen running.

The decision was to have pizza for tea and to make something easy for dessert.  I settled on nutella tarts, marshmallow and raspberry chocolate sandwiches and matches.

I turn the ovens on, put the pastry into one and the chocolate biscuits into the other.

The biscuits only take about 5 minutes to soften so I pulled them out and started pushing them into the tins, burning my finger in the process.  "Ouch" but keep on pushing. This is the base for the tarts.

That done I lay the marshmallows on the other biscuits and whack them into the oven.  Now the pastry's done so I grab that out , throw another lot in and back to the biscuits.  Put jam on the tops, push the tops into the marshmallow and let them cool.

Put nutella into the tart bases then start melting the chocolate that goes over both.  If you haven't noticed, we are all chocolate freaks here lol.

They are done.

A few more sheets of pastry into the ovens  and the matches are well on the way to done.
I whipped the cream while the pastry was cooking and that's in the fridge.  I'm basically done for a while.

Everyone arrives at much the same time tonight, which was nice. And the biggest surprise was that no one is really hungry.  Looking really cheap for me tonight lol.
So I raid the fridge, pull out bacon and cheese and turn on the griller.  After I fried the bacon, I toasted some bread and made grilled bacon and cheese.  So easy, and everyone's happy.  Yay me. I'm a little bit more happy than the rest cos I had a can of moscato with mine (then I had another one).

Never seen sparkling wine in a can before these guys brought it out.  Was becoming quite attached to it, just to find out they are changing back to bottles.A little more in the bottles so possibly a little more tipsy next time lol.

Anyway, back to the kitchen to finish off dessert.  Some raspberry jam, lemon butter, nutella and banana and the whipped cream.  A dusting of icing sugar and we are all set.  Matches three ways. Yummo.

So the first lot leaves because the kids are knackered, the second is about to leave when number 5 son runs back in with some vegemite for me.  Bloody hell, 2.5 kg worth.

I think I'm going to have to come up with some ideas to cook with will be my 80th before I use it all.  Any suggestions gladly accepted.

For a change, its only  11.20.  Alls quiet, well almost, if the man turned the sound on his movie down.

I'm off to bed because tomorrows another day of.....babysitting, washing,  cleaning, you know how it goes.

nite all.  next week.....

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