Saturday, 13 June 2015


1 packet vanilla instant pudding mix
1 packet chocolate instant pudding mix
4 heaped tablespoon nestles banana quik
2 x 350 ml milk
2 x 350 ml thickened cream

sprinkling of crushed chocolate ripple biscuits if desired.

in 8 plastic glasses, place the sprinkle of choc ripple biscuits.

for the banana a medium sized bowl, place 350 ml of milk and 350 mls of cream. stir in the banana quik then beat in the vanilla pudding mix.

half fill each glass with the pudding and refrigerate for 15 minutes to set.

for the chocolate pudding.. using the other 350 ml of milk and 350 ml of cream, beat in the chocolate mix.

remove the glasses of banana pudding from the fridge and pour the chocolate mix over the top of the banana.

refrigerate until ready to serve. decorate with whipped cream and a lolly banana.

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