Saturday, 20 June 2015

It was my  granddaughters 4th birthday yesterday and because I want to brag, I'm sharing the picture of the birthday cake I made her.

It was made with a fairy doll from K Mart, a chocolate cake cooked in a (steamed) pudding tin without the lid lol, to get the shape for the dress, green butter icing and a couple of packets of  ready to roll icing. I also bought a ribbon to offset the green icing.

This was easy to make, but very time consuming.   First off, I took most of the dolls clothes off, covered her to her waist in plastic wrap and pushed her into the middle of the cake. I then covered the cake in the butter icing then proceeded to colour, roll and cut the ready to roll icing. I already had a maple leaf design cutter but took ages to cut them all out and stick them on the cake. I then made some little flowers for colour, fixed the ribbon to her waist  and used some coloured cashou balls to finish.  Oh, I wrapped her hair in plastic wrap as well.

Miss Lily loved it, but quite frankly just  wanted to rip the doll out of the centre.

The other  new recipes I posted  ( ice cream cake. marshmallow tutu's and lolly cake )are the other bits I made for her party tea.

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