Saturday, 23 August 2014

Here we go again. Another Saturday, another birthday.  Will they never end?  Oh well, it's Kristy  this time  Happy birthday Fluffy.

It's been a long, long,  looooong day today. I'm so glad it's done.  Too many kids and not enough time.

The day started off so well.  The grandkids arrived to be baby sat, had one extra today, but in the scheme of things one extra makes no difference here.

I'm so tired at the moment I can't even remember what I started cooking first this morning. Thinking, thinking,
Oh yeah, I softened up the biscuits and pushed them into the tins for the lemon meringue cheesecake tarts.  I love working with the biscuits, hate rolling pastry.

The kids are hungry, of course, so I made everyone some toast and vegemite and a drink, then continued on my happy little way. And just to make things easier, Kristy's out of bed and watching the kids for me.  Well, she has to,  if she wants her birthday tea.

Now that  I'm  on the go, I made some packet red velvet cupcakes. I only made these because I wanted to try out the solid icing and heart cutters that I bought. I'm not real clever in the solid icing type things. Remembering that I have to make a chicken cake with it in two weeks. I also made a glue to stick the pieces together.  Wasn't too bad, just like playdough for mummies and at least the glue worked.

Next it was onto cherry ripe slice. Haven't made this for ages and seeing as Kristy had been nagging me to make it  and it is her birthday.....
So I crushed biscuits, melted copha,  chopped glace cherries ( sticky little things that they are) and mixed a few other bits, melted some chocolate and there they were.

How can it be lunchtime already?  I can't even see my bench at the moment, better clean up first.
Make sandwiches, more drinks, a coffee for me, put a kid too sleep and back to the kitchen.

Time sure does fly when you're having fun lol.  Time to melt some chocolate, roll some chocolate in baking paper, melt some more chocolate and dip some strawberries.   This is for the birthday cake which I will eventually get around too but I wanted to get all the chocolate over and done with.  Did I say strawberries? Some of them are big enough to be apples. but they look good covered with chocolate.

Next its on to the cheesecake for the tarts.  This bits so easy, beat some cream cheese and sugar, add some lemon curd and cream and fill the biscuits. I'll make the meringue later because the man of the house is out and the meringue is browned with the blow torch.  That's his job.

Me, I'll make the icing for the cupcakes,  just a simple vanilla butter icing.  Pipe it on, attach the hearts and that that done too.

The man arrives home so I whip up some eggwhites for the meringue, pipe that on, and out with the blowtorch.  Good job old man.

After cleaning up yet another mess, I look at the time.  I was going to make sausage rolls.  Not a hope in hell.  I send the man down the shops for some frozen ones,  I haven't made the birthday cake and even looked at main course.

Now it's rush hour.

Cake first.  Whip strawberry cream, I'm using store bought sponges because it's quicker, cut cakes in half, jam, cream, more cream, unroll chocolate..excellent..attach chocolate, throw strawberries on birthday cake, one extra.

Now for mains. Macaroni cheese and agnolotti arrabbiata.  Cook noodles, make white sauce, grate cheese,mix together, chop some bacon,in the oven, one done.   Pitch some pies and sausage rolls at the oven, fry some onion and garlic add tomatoes and other bits, throw things everywhere because by now I'm really flustered,and I have no bench space left, cook the agnolotti,  throw some cocktail frankfurts in some water to cook,    take a breath,     drain the agnolotti , put it in a dish, tip the sauce over it, some parmesan cheese. PHEW. Done.  Damn,  butter the bread stick.  Done.

Everyone's here (have been for 1/2 and hour or so ) teas a bit late, but its only 7.10 so I haven't done too bad...but you should see the kitchen...
Dinner is served.

We eat. It's good.  Time for cake.

I serve up one with the cupcakes as a birthday cake and one with the extra strawberries. Looks good.

We sing, we eat, we eat some more and the night is over.  Except for the kitchen.  I'm dreading the kitchen.

If there was ever a time that I don't know where to start, this is it.  Thank god we had disposable plates because there is no where to stack anything else.  I'm going to move everything out of the dining room and go from there. And go from there to bed lol.  Not really but almost.  Wash  what will fit in the dish washer and drainer, look at the pots and trays.  Not happening. Sit at computer, type type. Time to say goodnight,

Oh I cooked last Sunday..

Neenish tart biscuits (no tarts involved)


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