Saturday, 16 August 2014

hi again.
After sitting here typing for ever, I lost internet, my page froze , I couldn't save anything, so here we go again.  Blog mark 2.

Today is Number 5 sons birthday. Happy birthday Damo.

I had a sleepless night last night. Why at 1.00am, 2.00 am, 3.00 am etc, am I designing miss Chunky's birthday cake in my mind? Just because miss Tash wants a chicken cake, you know, all yellow and feathery.
How the heck am I going to make that? God only knows. Still I hopefully have a plan and a few weeks to get it together. But I deviate, back to today.

The alarm goes off and I have to be up because not only am I babysitting the grandkids, but I also have to make Damo's birthday cake that should have been made last night.  Its a chocolate ripple cake and it needs a lot of fridge time. But it's not going to be a plain old fashioned chocolate ripple cake.  Oh no.It's going to be my new take on one.

So while I'm waiting for the kettle to boil, I open a packet mix because that's what you do when you're short on time and get that into the oven just as the kids are coming in the front door.
They haven't had brekky, so I feed them, drink my coffee and leave them happily playing while I head back to the kitchen.

The cakes out and cooling, so I make a ganache to go on that and then whip and flavour the cream, cover the cake with the ganache, dip the biscuits into milk (which I wouldn't have had to do if I had made this cake last night) to make sure they soften up and sandwich them together and cover everything with the cream. I put that in the fridge and pray that it turns out.  Won't know till I cut it tonight. I never do a trial run, just hope for the best lol.

Last week, Lizzy Lou had requested I make a caramel wafer slice, but I had already made dessert then, so she had to wait, so being nice, and because I hadn't made it for a while, I made it for her today.(recipes on here a ways back.

I made the kids some lunch, got one to sleep, and because the man of the house had gone out and taken another with him, things were quiet. There was a recipe I had seen in a magazine so I figured now was as good a time as any to try it. Palmiers...made with puff pastry. I filled some with apple, some with cinnamon sugar and some with jam.  Quite nice with a cuppa.

Time for that cuppa, a play with the kids, a clean of the kitchen, a vacuum of the floor, a clean down of the table, a pick up of the toys and it's time to put tea on.
Nice and easy yet again. Cajun chicken wings, shop bought because they were 2 kilos for $4.99. cheap hey.
and pork rashers with a mix of barbeque sauce and honey barbeque sauce, slow cooked in the oven. Also scalloped potatoes again because Damo wasn't here last week when I made them and they're his favourite. Also put a frozen lasagne in, just in case we didn't have enough.
And last but not least honeyed  carrots. They are so easy . 5-6 carrots peeled and sliced longways, cooked, drained, back into pot, then add a tablespoon of butter and a couple of tablespoons honey, heat through and serve.

We eat, drink and be merry. The time of judgement has arrived.  Time for the cake.  I get it out of the fridge, throw on some quick decorations and hope for the best.

We sing happy birthday and its time to cut .  Fingers crossed.

So happy. Looks great , tastes even better. Totally yummo. Everyone loved it, mini food critic included..

So all in all, another successful Saturday night come and gone (its now 1.41 am) and I'm off to bed . Hopefully not thinking of yellow and feathers.

Nite week.

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