Saturday, 9 August 2014

Well another fattening Saturday almost over.

Had quite an easy day today. No grandkids to babysit today.  Even slept in. Had  a nice leisurely first cup of coffee, played farm heroes for  a while then wandered up to the kitchen.

First off was the tim tam cheesecake. Much easier than I thought.  Melt some chocolate, whip some cream, beat some cream cheese, crush some biscuits, line a tin.  Plonk in the fridge. Done.

Thought I should make some bikkies, so  because my friend had given me some oranges, I made some orange yo yo's.

Just in case we didn't have enough, I also made a coca cola cake.

Was just thinking about sitting down at my computer again when miss Tash arrived with the Chunky one.  Miss Tash has a broken rib and Chunky is , well, chunky, so lifting her all the time makes a broken rib quite painful. So we had a cuppa and a chat about Chunky who insists on depositing everything she can get in to the toilet, money and bank cards included.  Gotta love getting them out again. So miss Tash is off to get a lock for the toilet (didn't know they made them but they do). So we have Chunky who is happily playing with my boys.

While she's happy, I head back to the kitchen to start on tea.  We are having roast butterflied chicken with garlic and chilli, scalloped potatoes and mixed vegies.

The potatoes need about 1 3/4 hours in the oven so I'm starting on them first. Peel and slice the spuds, chop some bacon, open a jar of garlic and a packet of grated cheese and we're all set.  Pour over some cream, cover and into the oven.

Miss Tash is back, another cuppa,  try the yo yo's (yum) and back to the kitchen to put the chicken in the oven.  I ice the cake while there as well, and because I have time, I whip and flavour the cream for the cheesecake as well.

Number one son's gone fishing, so Lizzie and the kids arrive.  While we are chatting I decorate the cheesecake.  Looks good enough to eat.  Lets get tea going.

Dish up and shovel down the chicken and vegies.  Can't wait to look at the finished result of the cheesecake.

Looks good.  Tastes great.  I'm a happy girl.

Lizzie and the kids go home cos miss Lily is tired. But that's ok because the kids are back tomorrow. Babysit Sunday comes around quick. Miss Tash is going too.  Chunky hasn't had asleep all day. We are hoping she'll sleep tonight. Poor miss Tash looks knackered.  Chunky looks lively.  Good luck Tash.

So that's my whole day, stress free, mishap free and I even got my mess under control. That surely doesn't happen too often.

And finally, the mini food critic.....

But the last word comes from the man of the house....

see ya.

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